Fluency Head Start home teaching for kids and teens with experienced (18 yrs.) Amer. instructor.

Give your kid(s) a head start with a home tutor. For one price, I can teach one student alone or many for the cost of 500vnd./hour. This includes all books and materials.

New online courses also available. Very affordable, no cards needed and designed for low bandwidths.

We will use the Utox client for chat, audio and documents sharing. it is easy to install on anything andsecure and free. Get it here:

1. You and your group (if you study with friends) send me a message and we organize a time thats good for you.
2. You use the passcode I give you in the Utox to request me as a "friend". I say "yes" and we start. Easier than Zalo and safe.
3. I can than meet you all and issue you books from my esl books collection based on your needs and wants. Some for class to get you speaking, some to practice the needed vocabulary at home. We will also have English mangas and animes to be read at home and talked about in class time, in-class games, phonetics training and correction, poetry other fun activities.
4. On your screen, you will have the pages we are studying, games we are playing, websites open to pages relevant to our subject, dictionaries, writing assignments, videos and everything else that I would normally put an a whiteboard.
5. All you need is a computer with speakers and microphone. We don't even need the cameras as the screen will be full already and
the benefit of this is we need very little bandwidth so slow connections work fine.

All classes are designed to encourage the spontanious use of English through projects, reading and games to review and practice the language learned in school to build fluency in a fun environment.

I have many hours open so lets get your class started and make the year of the rat a year to remember! Call or message at your leisure. I am here. :)

Happy New Year!

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