English Camp for TET by experienced ESL teacher
Play and compete for prizes

Activities combine grammar, listening, and speaking with
chance, humor and logic in a game I call “Box”.

Games can be played at your home or office.
4 or more players can play in groups of 2-4.
Suitable for any level from P1 to Uni.
2 hours per game

Details and FAQs:

Each game reviews at least one grammar structure and a few key sounds important for good speaking suitable for the level of the students.

Correctly spoken and written sentences win “lines”.

“lines” are used on the game board to make boxes. Strategy, logic and luck=fun.

( Lines can be lost by speaking Vietnamese. English only. :) )

The group with the most boxes wins.

Winners get English-only manga comics and/or animes usable on any modern media from my cloud link. Current student faves are One-Punch and One Piece.

As many as 24 (6 groups of 4) can play or as few as 4 (2 of 2).

Can do games daily, a one-time basis or as needed. Game setup takes only minutes. I need only introduce myself and meet the students to know what their level is.

This is a great way to practice, build confidence and develop fluency while focusing on the fun… because it is TET and time to have fun and make friends.

Simply email or call and we can get a game set up anywhere you like.

Each game costs 1,000,000vnd. And includes Everything.

And lastly about me: I am American and have 18 years experience in ESL.

Also available for tutoring. Email with any queries. :)


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