Came-TV CAME-MINI3 3-Axis Camera Handheld Gimbal, 32bit Boards with Encoders
*32bit encoders
*Easy to set up and use
*5.8G video transmitter built in for use with remote monitor
*uses universal 18650 batteries that are rechargeable and easy to find
*can be connected to flight controller for use with drone

Included in the case:
Remote Joystick
3 * 18650 batteries
Battery charger
Also included:
Bracket kit for mounting to drone.

Like New!
Always well taken care of and used only by my self.
I have been very happy with this gimbal and it will make your motion shots very smooth. I have used this gimbal in many videos but have upgraded to the Ronin and so I am selling very cheap. I have added an extension microphone cable and cold shoe.
It is in perfect working order and I will be happy to help you set up and demonstrate ballancing the camera which is very important for smooth operation.

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Posted on Wednesday, November 27 by Renderman



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