Full Linux installations, repair, torrent optimization, training, services and much more.

Installations: All 200 plus flavours available from the beginner's Ubuntu to professional servers and ArchLinux. Most are free and open-source.

Repair: Repairs are a rarety with Linux, but should one happen, I can fix anything fixable.

Torrent optimization: Smart students get their $300 textbooks from torrent networks for free. For best performance, proper settings should be applied including port forwarding through both the firewall and the attached router. All routers supported even those with the password blocked by the ISP.

Network management/creation: Networks created, managed and secured for homes, Apartment buildings, schools and businesses.

Training: How you also can do all these services yourself and much much more including BASH training to master the real power of Linux.

Services: Basic trouble-shooting, network management, oprimization, security, customization, Etc. I do everything. Just ask.

With well over a decade loving Linux, I'm happy to help others make the change. Never pay for or use Pirated Windows again. I have not paid for software in 15 years! Learn how you can too. All my software is free, open-sourced, malware-free, legal and updateable.

I am located near the train station at Le Duan. Make an appointment to come to me or I can come to you.

My prices average 500k. vnd./hr. and most basic services can be finished in this amount of time.

Thanks for reading. :)

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