Special courses at your home or office for fluency. Classes for all ages and levels available now days and nights.

Having taught English in SE Asia for 18 years, I have evolved programs specific to Asian needs.

All courses contain phonetics training specific to the needs of the students here, in Vietnam. My own studies of local dialects allow me to focus on the special needs of those whose first language is Vietnamese. I know what my Vietnamese students do well, what they need help with and have a whole curricullum designed to accomplish the best results in the least amount of time.

I also have a very unique talent unavailable at any school that greatly expedites the learning and mastering of sounds for fluency. My background in physical training is combined with my knowledge of my students to train in the making of new habits insofar as the making of new sounds, stresses, aspirating and all other components of the study of sound. Why do advanced students still not speak plurals, past tense -d sounds, etc.? Because they were never trained. I am the only trainer I know of and this class is 100% mine.
Schools have no teachers nor management with any programs at all to address these difficult sounds and simply hope students will "pick it up", which they don't even after decades. I do have the programs and can teach my students the new habits that will allow for fluent English communication for life and can teach them in a fairly short time.

Books are good and we use them as at any school, but I combine them with training exercises that train the mouth and vocal cords "muscle memory" to master the sounds needed for full fluency in the English language. Any age/level can learn.

Extras available just to make things fun include:

A world library. I am a member of a private worldwide online sharing network and have access to most of the English books on earth. This includes text books on IT, financing, management and all other high level subjects for my adult students as well as those popular with children, comics and mangas (in English), Reading is the best way to pick up new vocabulary and gives much to talk about in class specific to the student's interests.

A huge English Anime library for young and old with over a hundred English animes in my personal collection and hundreds more for all ages available from my private online network (I'm a big fan :) ) Great for home listening practice and great for communications practice as we later discuss them in class . Also a great reward to good students and game winners in classes for children and teens.

Fully fluent IT support is also available specializing in BASH, open-source and Linux. IT students needing English should apply. I speak geek fluently and can also teach the needed language usages for the written forms in tech forums and other online media. I am a moderator at a tech site where I give tech advice, so am really very fluent here, used to dealing with people who are not and giving advice and technical explanations in the simplist way.

Lastly, for small classes (1-4), I can tutor at my apartment at the base of Quan Su near the big train station. Cool and shady with fans and computer. Those wishing to focus on IT may prefer it as Linux is on and running onsite.

Base rate is 500.000vnd/hr. for any number of students. Bring a friend and share the cost. A good price.

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