I am Erik from Germany and on long term vacation. I will stay in Hanoi at least until 32/10/2019. I am 43 years old and a software engineer by profession.

I like to learn Vietnamese and plan on visiting a language school.

However, I would like to improve my language skills further by finding someone to talk to on a regular basis for maybe 1-2 hours a time. We could meet in a cafe or my apartment. We can have structured or open sessions --- in the end I strive for relaxed and fun meetings. If you want to lean something specific and in-depth, I can prepare that for you.

Also, exchanging how our cultures differs and what could lead to misunderstandings would be pretty interesting: manners, body language, customs, ...

I offer to teach German (native speaker) as well as formal and colloquial English (use it everyday at work). Being patient and pretty good at explaining stuff, some people say I should have become a teacher.

If you are interested in regular meetings to improve our language skills ... hit me up!


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Posted on Saturday, August 31 by Erik.from.Germany


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