Dear tnh and fellow Vietnam community,

My name is Andy, I'm a Singaporean Chinese 37yo. I would like to find a job in Vietnam. If there's any opportunity or value that i can add for you or your company, i would love to try.
Personally, i have sales experience with banking and finance from Singapore before. But I'm ready to take on new challenges and assignments whichever first.
Unfortunately, i don't have any recognizable degree, only some Capital markets and investment related to regulatory compliance certifications for working in financial industry in Singapore.
My time in Vietnam is uncertain, depending if i can find a job or any opportunities that present to me in due course.
As i have been back and forth Vietnam since 2013. I picked up some Vietnamese words for daily conversations. My Chinese and Malay languages are speakable but not so fluent.
Also as a native Asian, i grew up in Singapore and have travelled to most of Asia, and have strong understanding of neighbouring countries of Singapore and ASEAN. Being a fellow ASEAN citizen, i believe both Singapore and Vietnam share strong ties and friendship since after the war. We and other members of ASEAN continue to move forward together with common vision and kinship. This is the reason we can prosper together and live in harmony as ONE big family of South East Asia. Nothing can break our long generations of strong ties unless the younger generations choose to. But we remain vigilant and aware of social mistakes that threaten our livelihoods.

Ending off here, i wish Vietnam every success and endurance for a better future, for a united ASEAN.

Andy K

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Posted on Monday, August 26 by VNdude888



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