Dear TNH friends has just wanted to announce that our trip to Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province, to distribute donations to children of Hmong school children has three seats available. It's because one of a group of three best friends has got sick so two others have decided to stay in Hanoi to take care of her.
Hereunder is the details of the trip, which was posted three weeks ago and has been fully booked after one week. But now we need three more. Those who are interested, pls contact me. Thanks
The trip was supposed to have 30 pax, now 10 seats available

Just was wondering if anyone is interested in joining –held charity trip to the most colourful destination of the world as voted by CNN and donate to a tragic orphan?

The trip is aimed at:

1/ Bringing donations, including warm clothes and school stuffs, to H’mong students from the Che Tao boarding school, Yen Bai province, the poorest of the poor in Vietnam, on the new school year inauguration.

2/ Paying a visit to 4 year old Giang A Chau, who suffers from a rare disease in need of special medical care. The beloved of the little Hmong girl were killed by floods three years ago.

Beauty spots to visit:

1/ Khau Pha PASS, the second highest of its kind in Vietnam. Tourists will have a chance to enjoy a loop more interesting than that in Ha Giang.
At its foot is a Thai tribe’s village, which has recently won a reward for eco-tourism development by the US embassy. Volunteers have gone back and forth to afforest hundreds of thousands of trees and launched a rubbish picking campaign to make the environment so green and clean. They have also managed to help locals build some typical home-stays for tourists, including expats.

2/ Mam Xoi ripening rice fields, which turn goldenly shining during the harvest season. They are typical to terraced crop fields by Hmong tribes.

3/ Ancient 300 year old tea garden, where a kg of tea buds is worth millions of Vietnamese dong.

4/ Highlight would be a visit to Che Tao boarding school for Hmong children to distribute donations. On the way to the school, you will pass another pass and see gorgeous views of rain forests and mountains. You may enjoy venturing on a motorbike on your own for around five km, if you’re interested.

Out there you will have a chance to meet cute Hmong children and teach them an English song. They love learning English.

TIME: August 31 to September 2.

Cost: 2.00 million VND, plus a small cash as donation to help GLC cover medical expenses for the little girl.

The cost includes transportation, accommodation and meals and drinking water. It is exclusive to soft drinks or wines and other personal expenses.

Need an early registration to get it well prepared.
You should fill the form in the link below and then transfer money to the following bank account. We encourage interested people to go to our office in Truc Bach area to pay the trip and see how we do charities

Thanks for your time

Global Language Center-GLC Donations
Here is the details of the trip

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