Learn the command line (cli) with me at my place, yours or at your place of business alone or with your peers.

The command line is the heart of all Unix/Linux/BSD OSs as well as the language of routers and servers. Scan your local networks wherever you are and you'll find Linux running them. The "internet of things" is all Linux. Linux is all around you right now.

Follow at your own pace using the book "The Command Line" by No-Sweat Publishing. All software is open-source and free. In fact, you may never need to buy software again. I haven't in many years. You will also learn to use the free open-source repositories which have thousands of useful cli programs. Note that these are nothing like the apps available for Android and Mac that track you, charge you and require user agreements. Programs from the repositories are examined by people all over the world in order to be sure of their safety and freedom from spyware. They are NOT "apps". Open-source means anybody can look inside and nothing is hidden. "APPS" means you must agree to be spied on and cannot look inside. Big difference.

A good course for those wanting the real power of Linux. I have instant access to over 10000 programs at a few keystrokes and so can you. Leave Windows and Mac behind and find out what a computer can really do. You'll be amazed.

Arch-linux is suggested, but all Linux distros are supported and if you don't have Linux yet, Your first lesson will be getting your Linux up and running.

All materials are free. You pay only for my time. Find the real power today.

I fully encourage all Vietnamese geeks to learn. Bill and Steve have enough of your money. You needn't keep paying them. Pay once to learn and never pay again while gaining independance for both you and your country. Vietnam needs this.

Call anytime. Classes are always available.

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