I am an American who first started teaching English in SE Asia in 2001 and have many programs ready to go.

My classes are specifically designed for Vietnamese speakers and after many years of mastery, I am able to give examples of all the sounds of English and even write whole papers in the phonetic alphabet with great fluency. I use this in my teachings to focus on the key sounds new to Vietnamese speakers and have developed practiced readings and chants to help my students master what the schools don't teach.
This class is not available anywhere else as it is involves the use of muscle memory to build new habits in order to overcome the Viet accent and reach true fluency. Schools are unable to sell such classes as they have no teachers capable of teaching it. It comes from my own research on developing muscle memory and 18 years of experimention with SE Asian dialects.
Any level can learn it. No schools teach this, so every level is a beginner here. A second grader can learn at the same rate as a university student or even a Vietnamese English teacher. Students needn't master phonetics nor anything complicated. Students are issued speaking homework and practice at home just as one would music. At each class, the student gets feedback until they master the assignment after which they get the next assigment.

This course takes only about 10 minutes per class and is a part of all my regular English courses.

i am available to come to your business or home and teach second grade level all the way up to University English teachers. I teach all the normal things plus what the schools can't. I can train you to make new sounds in a way you can apply later to any language.

So whether you've studied for decades and still can't speak aspirated end-of-word consonants or you wish your child to speak English like he/she was born elsewhere, I am the only one in SE Asia that can do what the schools can't.

So far as the main courses, I teach basic conversation, English for business, financing, IT, tech. and much more. My English is extremely high-level and my vocabulary many times that of the average American.

All books and software are supplied free with sign-up and my libraries are huge.

My fees are reasonable and I am located near the Hanoi Railway station. I have been here for years and will be here for many more.

I hope to make your custom course soon. Simply make an appointment and I can come to you to talk about what you need.

Thanks for reading. I hope to meet you soon.

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