Wish to exchange. I am an advocate of natural language acquisition and looking for native Vietnamese speaker to partner with. Based on latest research concerning 'comprehensible input', my goal is to learn the language the same way a child does. No grammar rules, no memorization of vocabularly, no corrections of mistakes. It doesn't WORK so we will try something new and better. My goal is to be functionally fluent within one year from starting. My hope for you is that you share the same goal but for English.

What We Will Do if you decide to join me:
1. At each session we will speak Vietnamese 90-95% of the time.
2. We will look at childrens books with stories 80% of the time. and magzines with LOTS of pictures 20% of time.
I will provide the books unless you have some suggestions.
3. You will talk to me about the books, stories and what is happening in the pictures ONLY in Vietnamese. We will communicate by gestures, drawing and physical movement or mime. We will ACT things out.
4. We will ONLY speak English when necessary. It is OK but it doesn't help me acquire the Vietnamese language.
5. We are only learning to speak, not write. We will learn grammar and how to write ONLY after we are fluent communicators. Just like a child learns. I now believe that is the best and fastest way.

We will do the exact same thing for one hour only completely in English. You provide the kids books and magazines in English for yourself.

I am a businessman and behavioral scientist living here in Hanoi on the east side of town. We can use my office/house or I can meet you somewhere quiet for the lessons.

The Goal is SIMPLE: Let's get fluent in each other's language within ONE YEAR.

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Posted on Saturday, August 17 by DocRon


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