Study programs
- Different training programs of Vietnamese for foreigners: Basic Vietnamese, Advanced Vietnamese, Vietnamese for Specific Purpose, Subjects on Vietnam.
- Different training programs of Vietnamese for Specific Purpose, Vietnamese for Tourism, Vietnamese for History, Vietnamese for Culture, etc.
- Different training programs òf Vietnamese at different locations in Hanoi as the learners’ requires: learners’ home. Learners’ office, teacher home, skype.
- Graduated from Hanoi University and Social Science and Humenity
- Experienced and enthusiastic.
- Was born and grew up in Hanoi so speaks clearly and accurately.
Teaching method various: Books, flashcards, game, dialogue, objects.
Number of learners per class: individuals or groups.
Study time: morning, afternoon, evening (including Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)
Please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs . Ngọc at
- Phone: 0915 593 896
- Email:

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