English Copy/Content (developmental) Editor. available or editing now and for the following wide range of texts:

1. Creative:
I am a writer of literature and philosophy . Any editing in these fields would be most suitable.
2. Academic:
I am available for a wide range of academic work including: thesis, articles or books
I am trained in Philosophy and literary criticism and knowledgeable about social science, linguistics, psychology and religion . In any of the fields editing is of particular interest.
3. Human Resources / Admin' department documents:
I have experience editing in this area. Examples and reference available.
4 Travel and Tours;
Extensive tour descriptions and itineraries.
Reference and examples available 5 Science of Religion:
I am, of late involved in editing. Vietnamese folk culture and Buddhism. Reference available
6 Technical:
I have edited technical papers on experiments in technical research for Hitachi.

My editing is most meticulous; I believe, a job worth doing is worth doing well.
I really enjoy the whole editing process. and the particular mental challenges involved.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you want something checked, clarified and crafted; particularly well.
Contact me through the TNH messaging here or on Zalo: Anton Wild 0345558208 or Gmail: agwilder123@gmail.com