I create custom networks for specific purposes. Highly secure custom machines to order. ALL hardware is supported and cloning to whole lines of machines is also available.

Minimalist machines using Archlinux for servers, high security, torrenting, coding, accounting and/or any specially purposes are my specialty. My machines are as fast as naked Afrikan runners containing nothing not required for the jobs assigned them.

So far as looks, you may choose what qualities you would like your desktop environment to have or choose directly if you know what you want already from the following desktop choices: Plasma (kde), xfce (my fave, minimalist), or Gnome (all the bells and whistles. Good for those used to Windows).

Special programmer kits are available for all coding needs. Simply say what languages you favor and your Vim or other favorite coding terminals will light up in different colors depending on syntax meaning mistakes are really easy to catch. This is also standard for my setups of the command line for BASH coders. Coding can be easy. IT students take note.

Home setups are also available for those needing greater security, privacy and reliabilty.

I specialize in open-source and Linux. All are free, secure, legal and updateable.

IT students! Classes on how to do all this on the command line are available. Books, software, and programs are all open-source and free. You need only have an old computer and pay only for the teacher's time.

And lastly, if Windows' "blue screen of death" is the why of moving to Linux, I can save your data and clean it before the reinstall. Your data is all still there for those who know how to get to it and I do. No need to lose everything again. This is full service.

Available at your home or office and located near the train station.

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