Dear tnh and fellow Vietnam community, I'm desperately looking for any job in Vietnam, preferably Hanoi as it used to be my 2nd home.

A little introduction of myself, i am a Singaporean citizen Chinese 37yo this year,

My experience in Singapore was sales in banking and finance from 2006-2015.

While travelling to Vietnam in 2012, i fell in love with this wonderful country, and stayed in Hanoi from then onwards, until i left back to Singapore in 2017. Having lived in Hanoi for those years, upon returning to Singapore, i felt empty inside and missed Vietnamese dearly during the 2 years i went back till now.

During 2012-2017, i worked in Hanoi as a tour conaultant for a private tour company. And taught some English in private smaller schools.

I am currently in Vietnam, hcm city. But i am prepared to relocate back to Hanoi if I'm given a chance.

I have no expectations in terms of salary, as long as i have some money monthly to lived by for the remaining years.

I sincerely hope somebody can help me for a few months first. I am prepared to learn and work hard.

Kindly contact me at 0931348183 asap as i fly back on 1st August.

Many thanks.

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Posted on Friday, July 26 by VNdude888



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