The goal of this class is to give your company the very best English customer service.

Weekly courses with full translations of menus, numbers, and/or services with conversation practice all designed to improve customer service.

All course vocabulary is specific to the business hosting it. (e.g. : A Sandwich/pizza chain would focus on ingredients, menu choices, introducing specials, etc. A bank would focus on the services a bank offers, spoken math, etc. Chemists would focus on ailments, product descriptions, dose scheduling, etc.). This course is applicable to any who sell using English. Message any time for more info. I'm happy to help.

Classes usually run weekly for 2 months at 90 minutes and can start the week after sign-up.


For sign-up all you need is :

A time and place > For those that work late, Classes can start as late as midnight or early as noon. A staff-room is fine for the location. And if you need help with location, I have some locations available.

Your business's most important vocabulary > For restaurants, these would be menus. Service providers would need lists of services and products. These will become part of your course and be translated, edited, used in role-play and perfected by students during the course.

And lastly, 3 mil.vnd. for the first 2 weeks of ten (3 hours). All books and materials provided. Times to choose from are from noon to midnight.


Start now! I am American with 18 years experience teaching in SE Asia located in Hanoi near the train station.

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