This course is taught using the methods used for music and many other skills in Asia.

Chants specifically chosen, designed and modded for each taught language are practiced,
(Vietnamese curricula requires focus on end-of-word aspirated consonants for example),
in the same way one practices a song or scale on a piano or Chinese soft-style martial arts form.

Practice starts slow and each sound is perfected before speeding it to it's correct tempo.

Regular lessons give the student fine tuning and additional details. When "songs" are mastered, more advanced ones are given.

The "homework" of chants requires no table, book, instrument nor teacher so practice can be done
while cooking or commuting, so the very busy need not make special time. Just "sing" in the shower.

This course is mine alone evolved over more than a decade and tested on thousands. Vietnamese can complete it in
2 months with regular practice and forever speak perfect plurals, past tenses, etc. requiring special focus.
Make no mistake. The schools say you'll "pick it up". This takes decades and many never do.

Versions for all ages and levels available. learn alone or with 100 friends. All options available.
It is so unique, a second grader can learn with a Uni. student and progress together in the same class.

Created by an artist for artists and those who would be. This is The Art of Sound. My creation. It teaches what the schools miss.

PM me anytime. I'm American and very experienced in Hanoi near the train station and can come to you. Rates are reasonable.

Thanks for the interest.

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