I teach Linux. What you learn from me can be used on nearly 200 kinds of Linux from Ubuntu to Archlinux and even BSD as well as firmware and interacting with the "internet of things".

You may choose to study just the basic usages for those looking to move from Windows. Beginners Linux distros such as Ubuntu are popular OSs to make the change on as they are designed for those with Windows experience.

For those wanting the real power, command line (cli) is also taught. Great for programmers wishing to optimize their programming environment and those wishing to have some control over this "internet of things" thing. The command line is essentially real-time programming where you get results as you type and has powers extending far beyond the machine it is on. it is essential for those needing security and the hacker's favorite as well (both use the same tools). Its very very powerful and not available on Windows.

All textbooks and software is included gratis. All software is legal, free, open-source and updateable. All computers, new and old, are supported.

And for those who wish to make the change gradually or just love their Windows games, dual-booting is also taught so you may have both Windows and your favorite Linux on the same computer.

Much more available for the advanced learners, so don't fear to ask.

I'm ready for the internet of things, are you? Lets get started.

I'm located in the embassy district of Hanoi near the trains.

Fritz the Cat awaits your messages.

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