Hi Dog and Cat owner,

This post is non-commerical business purpose but more of offering a friend, a family to your dog or cat while you are away. I have a female and well-behaved Cat and we live in a quiet and safe lane down to Duong Quang Ham street in Cau Giay District. I am staying at home for 2 months during summer time preparing for my SAT so taking care of my cat full-time. I hate having to send her to pet hotels or Clinic when I am on awat as she is finally put in a cage and has to sleep alone during the night. Also it is ridiculous expensive cost that many of us could not afford or struggling with budget like me. Thus, I am thinking to offer personal dog/cat/pet care at my house for those who are in the same situtation and wish your pet living in family atmosphere when you are on vacation. I will take care of your pet as mine so he/she would have the following benefits.

Fresh veggie and meat twice or three times per day (depend on your pet's food routine).
Walk/Run exercises at least twice per day if no rain
Bath every week or 10 days (depend on weather and his/her condition)
Sleep in house

* I always cook with fresh ingredients that none of dog could refuse. However, I respect your rule so that you can bring own food for your dog.
* I only accept short-time petting like 1 week or 10 days if our calendar matches.
* I need to be full aware of your pet’s health condition/habit/likes to give best care.
* Fee is varied depending on how much food your dog needs but as said it is non-commerical post.

If you feel like to need someone like us please feel free to drop a message or call.

Thanks for your attention.


Duc Tien

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