Are you getting ready to do the IELTS exam?
Do you want to know what your current IELTS speaking band score is?
Would you like some tips to improve?

Hi, my name is Lester. I'm from the UK and I have been teaching English in Vietnam for almost eight years.

I regularly do mock IELTS speaking tests and can do this for you too.
It is interactive and as close to a real-life situation as a test can get.
The test is 11 – 14 minutes long with three parts.

After the test I will give you:
- Your band score and written feedback (from my notes that I made during the test).
- I also go over the notes with you, correct any errors and make suggestions for improvements.
- Give you the written notes so you can refer to them later.

Please call for more information/to arrange a time:
Lester 090 320 2310
Ms Phuong 0934 476 109