To whom it may concern
Q has been employed since September 2013 and has made a substantial contribution to keeping your home in order. While our house is difficult to keep clean due to its large size and the number of people we have passing through, have Q spend six hours a week with us has been an immense help and we certainly could not have done it without her. Q is a friendly and likeable person. She gets on with the task as hand and works hard to ensure she completes her duties in time. She has begun to take initiative and has made significant progress with her technique and time management.
We recently experienced an incident with our landlord that required us to do a large amount of research and seek legal assistance. Q provided us with exceptional support and dedicated a lot of time and effort into helping us resolve the situation. Her patience, attention to detail and good-natured manner makes Q a delight to work with and we hope she is able to increase her working hours as there is no doubt that she will make a valuable contribution to any household.
Please feel free to contact me with any further queries.
Kind regards.

Above is one of my references. And ofcourse it is from my most-kind host. You can know how I work through the interview. (I have every legal documents which show that I am not a thief.)

Call me if you need an hourly maid and be satisfied with the price. My phone number: 0941912459

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