I have a bed as pictured. The part under the pillow can ben bended upward at adjustable angle but I have not taken photo of that stature. There is no defect or limitation (like new). The brand new is listed for more than 3 million on this URL: https://tinyurl.com/y2vsgseq I can let it go for considerably less at 2.35 mil coz I am not a shop seller but just a consumer like you. You will get exactly the bed you see on the photos on the URL i provided above.

Now at house 8, alley 682 Lac Long Quan, near water park. Anytime pick up upon some advance notice. For instant feedback plz text or call as I do not check mail often. Plz present evidences or argument if you like to squeeze coz I like to give you best value for money unmatched by any other in transparency, not on biased personal opinion of either you or me.

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Posted on Friday, April 26 by Candid



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