Hello all those that read this.

I am seeking someone that can come to my place and cook me a super healthy lunch and dinner then put it into the fridge for me to eat when I have time and or when I am home from work.

I have done this before and I thought that 3 days a week was ok for me. To come and go shopping before you come over Monday, Wed and Friday. And cook enough foods for two days. Then I have all my meals in the fridge.

My diet will be: Pretty simple- No rice, no bread, no sugar, no noodles and no meat at the start until week 3. Then I will be able to have meat again.

I live in Tay Ho area. Not far from Xuan Dieu street. Contact me for more details.

I don't mind why style of food you want to cook or can cook as long as the items from the diet its fine for me.

Thanks and e-mail or text message me.

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Posted on Wednesday, March 6 by travman99



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