Do you want to bike around Vietnam? Or do you just need a really good bike for the daily biking in Hanoi? I have bought this Jeff bike from new in Ho Chi Minh the 26th of February 2019. Then I biked 600 km from south to north Vietnam and instead of taking the bike home to Denmark I hope that someone wants to buy it from now. I will leave the 21th of March, so it should be a day in between the 15-21th of March. If you first have the opportunity to pick it up later I know someone in Hanoi who can take care of it until you need it. The price from new was 9.000.000 including carrier, pedals for clickshoes, a biking computer, waterholder and a toolbox for the must. Let me know what you want to give, but be realistic as it only have ridden in 10 days in total. 600 km.

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Posted on Monday, March 4 by Hvelplund



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