Brainstorming and critical thinking are two important and essential skills in life. And have you ever thought about how to learn to think like a foreigner?

Wishing to help you improve two necessary skills - brainstorming and critical thinking, teacher Kevin Doyle, an American lawyer, with many years of teaching experience will bring "Short stories discussion" every Saturday mornings, help you practice these two skills through interesting and fascinating short stories.

Come to each discussion, you will be comfortable sharing your thoughts on content, life lessons delivered through each story and learn how to think critically of an international lawyer with a friendly and funny teacher.

Join now to not miss helpful talks every Saturday mornings!

Time: 1 hour
Number of people: 8
Number of sessions: 8
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If you are interested and would like more details about our discussion, please contact us via:

- Fanpage:
- Website:
- Điện thoại: 0384674227
- Email:

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