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Dear expats

GLC is looking for ESL teachers who are interested in helping out disadvantaged people. We will teach you Vietnamese in exchange. We sometimes hold cooking lessons for volunteers.

GLC is a not for profit educational organisation which has its website glcccharity.org and its fanpage https://www.facebook.com/GLCDonations/. The organisation is running a community based project themed English for All to benefit blind massage therapists, unemployed women, Hmong tribal university students and school children from poor families. They need to master a good command of English to serve their clients or get better jobs in the future but are unable to afford tuition fees at language centres.

Like other local teachers, I can teach them grammar and writing. But it's hard to help them in listening, pronunciation and specially in communication.

One of our ESL volunteers has just got a traffic accident and is suffering from medical operations and one has finished her term in Vietnam and gone back home.

We, therefore, are in a desperate need of volunteers.

Volunteers can teach just once a week.

We have two locations in Ba Dinh district.

In addition to the English project in Hanoi, GLC sponsors schools for Hmong tribes in northern mountains. We often go to the poorest of the poor schools to supply donations, bring disabled children to Hanoi for medical treatment and support Hmong orphans to go to school.

For example, at the end of this November, a charity mission will go to Che Tao boarding school for H'mong children to conduct surveys on water supply and waste treatment, bring warm clothes and visit a clubfoot girl whose single mom had abandoned her at birth to consider a chance for medical operation.

We may help you rent cheap, furnished rooms or apartments. These accommodations are pet friendly.

Thanks for your time

Thanks in advance.

To Apply

Those interested in helping out, pls send your cover letter and CV to ttngonngumy@gmail.com

Thanks for your time.

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