At WWLC, we have variety of classes at public school from primary & secondary around Ha Noi. You will need to be motivated, professional and show an interest in professional development and growth. Our experienced Academic Management team is on hand to provide support and guidance from the moment you join the company.

To work at WWLC, you will need the following:

- Nationality: US, UK, Canadian, Australian, South African, New Zealand.

- Humorous, funny, friendly, dynamic and responsible person.

- Able to work from 6-12 months.

- Payment method: Monthly

- Salary: 20 ~ 23$ per hour. All are after tax.

- 1300 ~ 1500 USD per month

- Year reward: 300-600$ (a year contract).

- Students per class: 25 ~ 35.

- Materials: Supported.

- Training course: Free training course if needed.

- 12 days paid national holidays (inc. Christmas Day)

- Support Visa & work permits

- Payment direct deposited into bank account by ATM card

- Ongoing training and development

- Professional development opportunities

To Apply

Send us your CV & photo copy of all related documents (passport, degree, certificate & updated picture...)

- Email: jordansharon1975@gmail.com

- Hanoi Office: 166 Khuat Duy Tien, Thanh Xuân, Hanoi