Hanoi , Cầu Giấy


- Planning, preparing, and delivering lessons to all students in the classes

- Adopting and working towards the implementation of the school development plan

- Assigning work, correcting, and marking work carried out by his/her students

- Assessing, recording, and reporting on the development, progress, attainment, and behavior of one’s students

- Ensure that students comply with the dress code. Keep track of dress code violations.

- Communicating, consulting, and co-operating with other members of the school staff,

including those having posts of special responsibility and parents/guardians to ensure the

best interest of students

- Communicating with parents about the happenings in the classroom and on campus.

- Provides parents with information about their child.

- Advising and co-operating with the Head of School, Vice Principals, Lead Teachers, Academic

Board, and other teachers in the preparation and development of courses of study, teaching

materials, teaching programs, methods of teaching and assessment, and accreditation processes

- Participating in In-Service education and training courses as well as other professional development opportunities

- Maintaining good order and discipline amongst students under one’s care and safeguarding

their health and safety at all times

- Participating in staff, group, or other meetings related to the school curriculum or operation, for the better organization and administration of the school

- Participating in school activities and events

- Registering and monitoring the attendance and behavior of students under one’s care

- Reports to the Grade Head Teacher

- Any other duties as assigned by leadership

To Apply

Please send your updated resume to trang.phamminh@edufit.vn and we will guide you through further steps.