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Anyone know where I can get a mountable wall punchbag, a seed filled Wing chun style one or a normal punchbag material one?
I've been up and down the sports street, and no luck.
I want one because its a little more solid than a normal punchbag, and because I dont have anywhere to put a punchbag up, however Ive got lots of walls I can fight with...

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maliusmaximus wrote on July 7th, 2012 at 2:02 pm
maliusmaximus (elite user)

Have you been to Sport1 on Nguyen Thai Hoc?

I know it's probably the first place you went. Just asking in case you haven't...

If the issue is with not having an overhead pylon, you can buy bags with their own stand:

Tuan Vu in Dong Da also have a fair bit of martial arts stuff, although I don't remember seeing anything wall-mounted:

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