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Where can I purchase a recent Atlas in English?

Last answered by BacDavid about 105 months ago.

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BacDavid wrote on April 23rd, 2010 at 8:28 pm

Atlas of what? Vietnam? Being basically graphic, you don't need English to find your way around. The best national atlas presently in bookstores (for example, on Trang Thai street, between the Opera House and the foot of Hoan Kiem Lake) is 'Giao Thong Duong Bo Vietnam' a 120+ page road atlas selling for 175,000 dong. You can also probably still find the bilingual Vietnam Travel Atlas (aka Ban Do Du Lich)-- 80+ pages, maps nowhere near so good -- in the same stores. These books will be shelved somewhere near the rack of folding maps at any decent bookstore.

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