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Hi there guys,

Just need a opinion about my vietnam gf.

I seeing her from last 2 years and things have been up and down. But from last 4 months everything went serious. We fell in love. We are looking forward to get married soon by october. Everything is working excellent. She is coming out my place. Cooking food for me. Looking after my health. Cleaning the house . Talking about our future babies and everything. Littlrly not demanding at all. If i buy her something she admires it but than tells me was not supposed to buy it and need to save money for our future. It really shows how much she loves me and really cares about me


Whenever I mention her that i want to talk to her family members she changes the topic. So many times i had to force her On that but because of the time difference between dubai and vietnam she says they are all asleep. And does not wants to talk about it. I have sent our pictures to her sisters through her fb which shows she does not have a problem at all but when it comes to video calling them or talking to her mother she always changes the topic.

She is supposed to visit vietnam soon and as she is promising she will be back soon.
From one end i can see she really loves me but on the other end when i realize she does not wants me to talk to her family is something which scares me.

So any suggestions guys?


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Photographer wrote on July 7th, 2020 at 1:38 am

One white baby later and you'll be on the back burner?
That's my take based on others experience!

Photographer wrote on July 7th, 2020 at 1:39 am

Or you could be lucky like me and have a devoted wife for the next 31 years?

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