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Hi. My employer has threaten to cancel my visa that they got for me. She and I had signed for a probationary contract that's supposed to take effect on dec 1 2019, now when I talk to my employer she's offering a probationary period that we did not discuss before and not included in the contract. Consequently, I negotiated for them to honor the original contract we both signed for. And now, she wishes to terminate it unilaterally and cancel my visa. She told me to go to the immigration office but I refused to do so. May I ask your opinion, suggestions about this? Thanks for your reply

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fritz wrote on November 30th, 2019 at 10:17 pm

Never trust a school to have anything to do with your visa ever. In fact, Never work with any requiring contracts. Its only to screw you. There are no contracts in this country for English teachers that have any benefit to teachers whatsoever nor do they have any real legality.

Get your business visa at a border and if your looking at longer than a year, get a personal connection unrelated to your work to help you with residency after that.

And so far as "getting back" and getting paid by your current people. Hold the manager (or whoever made the deal) personally responsible as the manager will wish to hide behind beaurocracy. Show up at their home. Talk to their neighbors and children about their thievery. Make it real personal. You may need to threaten them.
I've found that filming the whole thing helps as well for public shaming on social media. Lose enough business for the school and they might just fire the manager. Make sure the owners know the debt will go with the manager for best results here. That they are aware that firing her will have you disappear.

Just remember: don't let them have you fight the beaurocracy. Thats the game. They want to pass the buck in a circle and laugh at you. Go straight after the one who made the deal, make it personal, and you can get paid.

Best 'o luck. Been there. Hope you skin the f*****s.

Unfazed wrote on December 1st, 2019 at 12:20 am

Hi fritz thank you for your reply. That was my mistake. Since it was my first time coming to vietnam I didn't foresee this to happen. Im currently in the process of getting a new visa, however my question is my supposed emloyer , who's the owner of the small center, claimed in nov 28th that she called the immigration to cancel the visa and adviced me to personally go there with my passport but i trusted my instinct and did not go. Let's assume she did everything she could to have the visa cancel, how many grace period do I have before I need to leave the country?

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