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Hi, I'm wondering what the import tax fee is if I buy a 500usd new laptop from US and get it sent to Vietnam? Thanks
The laptop in question is a Samsung chrome book plus which they don't sell here.

Last answered by travworld about 5 months ago.

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travworld wrote on September 23rd, 2018 at 3:59 pm

You would probably be charged 40% , Whatever you do don't insure it for more than you want to pay the duty.

I sent a Norelco electric shaver from the US and i insured it for 100.00 usd but it cost only 29.99 usd and i put the receipt in the box . However i had to pay 40% of the 100 since that's what i insured it for. I payed 30 for shipping so after it was said and done just cheaper to buy in Hanoi .

If you are planning to travel another country nearby might be cheaper to send to your hotel in another country .

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