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Does anybody know of a moving truck to ship my belongings from hanoi to danang?

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Khuyen wrote on April 15th, 2018 at 4:27 am

Hi John,

May I know what're your belongings?

motorbike/bicycle/clothes/shoes/household items?

How many boxes are they?
What's the total weight and what's total worth?

We can provide door-to-door moving service depend on what and where do you want to move to. We will inform you about total service fee and what are the requirements for the stuff to be sending.

Here are requirements:

1) For sending luggage:

+ Do not send valuable items in the luggage (of course, everything you send are valuable for you, but do not send something too pricey)
+ Do not send electronic devices (phone, tablet, laptop)
+ Do not send drug, illegal item (they will open your luggage to check and will not accept to send anyway)
+ You need to pack your things well. With breakable items: ceramic, glass, it’s best to pack them separately in foam box(es). With machine, like: dehumidifier, air purifier, you need to put them in their foam boxes or cover them by bubble wrap. We also can provide packing service if you request.
+ You need to provide information about weight, dimensions and total worth of your luggage (and of course, addresses). And you need to list names of things in your luggage.

2) For sending motorbike:

+ You need to provide them photocopy of the blue card, and photocopy of your passport. They will give you back the motorbike upon checking those (to make sure not giving to the wrong person).

* Note:

+ For sending luggage, it’s best if you provide address of recipient who can have someone to receive 24/7 (yourself with your housemate or a security guy) since the moving service usually don’t call before they come to drop the packages, and reschedule another drop will be more hassle. For picking up, it’s easier to reschedule the time.

+ Sending motorbike (door-to-door) is more costly than sending luggage with the same weight, since motorbike is required different treatment and space. If you send motorbike without door-to-door service (bring to their office and pick up at the bus station), it can help you to save around 600,000 VND.

+ For sending motorbike, they usually do the packing since they know the best way to pack.

+ You need to send the payment before sending.

3) Service fee:

+ Depend on to what extend do you need: door-to-door or office-to-office.
+ Depend on weight and volume. Volume = height (cm) * length (cm) * width (cm)/4000, if the result is higher than actual weight, the fee will be calculated based on volume.
+ Some items like electronic equipment need to be priced based on item, not based on weight or volume.

Example of work:

M contacted me on Jan 17th, 2018. She got a job in HCMC and she need to send her things from Hanoi to HCMC. At first, she asked me if I can arrange someone to send her things to the train station, since she wanted to send via train and would be away for one month, then go to Ho Chi Minh city directly from her vacation.

I asked her if she would like a door-to-door service. And she said that she contacted some other moving services, they quoted around 10 million VND for a door-to-door service for 60-70kg luggage, I was able to send her an offer lower than 200 USD.

The package was picked up on Monday Mar 12th at 10.15am and arrived to M’s house in Ho Chi Minh around 3pm Friday Mar 16th (much faster than I expected). M checked things inside and told me that everything is in great condition.

This service is a part of Errand Running Service in Vietnam:

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