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Hi, just arrived in a new house and the furniture in my room needs replacing.

Just wondering if people know, roughly, the cost a few items - decent sized wardrobe/desk/chair. I'll proabably go to de la thanh street but would like a rough estimate in my head. Would 200-300 dollars be enough?

Also, I know this has been asked before but loads of old info on it - anyone know where to get a decent mattress?? It doesn't need to be amazing just not be more spring than bed! Anything decent available for ~150 dollars? Or I've heard of 'mattress toppers', anyone any experience with these? Can I just pop one on top of my shitty springy mattress and expect things to be ok?!

Final question, anyone know of cost of interior wall painter? The previous tenant in my room left tons of blue tack and sellotape everywhere so walls look super dirty.

Any info on prices would be much appreciated! Cheers

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skarper wrote on August 27th, 2015 at 8:13 am

The best mattress IMO is a Kymdan. Made of rubber. Had one for 8 years and still as good as new. Very firm support. Only drawback is it weighs a ton! Not cheap either. You can get thin ones that are 10cm thick and still quite good.

I would go with the thin Korean style mattresses and replace it every 2 years or so if I didn't have the money for a Kymdan.

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