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Hi, I'm heading back up to Hanoi in the next couple of days. I'm thinking of buying a bike and heading up to Sapa.

I was just wondering if anybody knows of anywhere I can keep some of my luggage, that's safe and secure ??

Thank you.


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harveyspecter wrote on August 4th, 2019 at 7:07 pm

Updated 2019, there is already automatic locker, luggage storage at Hanoi train station. The locker has 18 doors with 12 extra-large doors with size ~ 95x50x50cm which can take upto 02 backpacks of 90 liters size (5500 cubic inches) while the rest 06 large doors can fit upto 02 backpacks/suitcases of 65 liters size. It's self-service with touch-screen and the price is at VND 50,000 per 04 hours for a single door (which can contain multiple items with sizes described above). You pay for the duration used in 04-hour blocks, so there is no limitation on the usage time.

BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS AT HANOI TRAIN STATION: When you're looking for the automatic luggage locker or even already start using it, most of the time you'll see few local railway staffs approaching you and saying that the locker system is not working or out-of-order or whatever reason, and they will ask you to use their manual luggage service instead. Please be informed that their message to you is NOT true, and their manual luggage service is NOT the official service that we're partnering with Hanoi Train Station. Their whole idea is to put all your luggage to a room with much more expensive costs (they charge PER ITEM, means if you have 4 items they will charge you 4 times, while you can put all those into 1-2 doors maximum with at least 50% less of cost, and they will CHARGE you RANDOMLY (more expensive way). Attached herewith are photo for your awareness where the scammers approaching customers already using the system and another one taking another unaware customer to their room.

It's up-to you to make a choice between those 02 services, but be informed!

The automatic locker can be easily found at the right side if you enter the Main Hall of the station, with the blue color and yellow sign.

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