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Name: Al Fresco's (Nha Tho)
Address: 19 Nha Tho, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

Directions: close to the cathedral, next to Mediterraneo etc

Phone: (+84) (0)24 39381155
21.02893916388064 105.85008108613692
Description: One of the many locations of the popular restaurant chain.
Rating: 1.25 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 4 reviews.

Restaurant Type:
Sit-down restaurant
Opening Hours:


Take Out:
Hi Language School

0 reviews

2nd Floor, 285 Building, Doi Can Street, Ba Đình, Hanoi

(+84) (0)2432321818

4 Reviews
johnspud on Al Fresco's (Nha Tho)
December 4th, 2018 at 8:07 am

Higher priced than Pepperoni's but the same low quality fare. Had lunch at their Aeon Mall location this week - what God awful excuse for a pizza! I must say the service was excellent, but I'm sticking with Capricciosa (Vincom Bà Triệu) because I like good food.

psychprof on Al Fresco's (Nha Tho)
April 28th, 2011 at 11:12 am

I've been a customer of Al Fresco's for the past six years starting in Ho Chi Minh City and now in Hanoi.
Generally, I haven't bothered to do a review as in the past Al Fresco's has been a fairly reliable spot to go for dinner. It has never been cheap and the much touted advertisement of 'value for money' has never been so mis-applied. None-the -less, it has proven to be a safe bet when one is not in the mood for risking the disappointment of patronizing a new establishment.
However, I must now express my outrage at the latest menu prices which seem to have been based on the 'you CAN get blood from a stone' formula. Prices at Al Fresco's have changed three times in as many months and I assume one reason for the gouging is to actually pay for the printing of the forever changing menu prices.
This month their 'claim to fame' jumbo ribs went from 395,000 to 445,000 dong and the 10 - 12 ribs did not get above 10. They say that this is based on weight, not on the number of ribs, which is fair enough unless you've been shopping at Big C and get to understand the 'retail' price of ribs (not the wholesale price that Al Fresco's pays). Aha! you say, but you have to factor in the service and the extras. Believe me I have and the indifferent waiter we had last evening was just cause for a discount. We had to keep calling him in order to get a modicum of what he apparently considers service.
Examples: he took our order for drinks while we we waiting for the rest of our party to arrive. Drinks did arrive and shortly after so did our other guests. Apparently, the doubling of persons at our table must have been an apparition as our waiter did not acknowledge their arrival and thus he did not ask them if they wanted a drink and we had to share our beers until one of our number was able to put him in a full-nelson and handcuff him to the table in order to obtain a before dinner drink.
One nasty little trick I didn't like was the subtle changes in the menu that the regular customer tends to overlook. An example of this was the Seafood Platter which used to be 265,000 and came with some nice grilled shrimp. The price is now 285,000 and the shrimp have disappeared to be replaced with the common, small Vietnamese scallop....all six of them. SO, platter is reduced in goodies and for this disappointment one is compensated by a small increase in price, perfectly fair.....for Al Fresco's.
How about the food? Yes, it's becoming a bit mediocre and the value is no longer there when you consider the proportions and the taste. Is it just me or has Al Fresco's EVER perfected their BBQ sauce and stuck with it? It seems to me that every cook in the chain is experimenting on a daily basis trying to come up with a recipe that works and doesn't quite. Our medium pizza (the Al Fresco's Special) with the thin crust was really light on cheese with just 1 piece of salami on the 7 of 8 slices. Value at 170,000? Salads are awful, have no idea where the idea for the dressings come from. I suspect the secret is in those plastic bags of what masquerades as mayonnaise that you find in local shops. I find it hard to believe that a foreign run establishment does not know how to make a Caesar Salad dressing (god-awful sweet, loads of mayonnaise, low on garlic and mustard) although they do give you an anchovie on the side.
Recent visits have served to confirm that the majority of customers are now Japanese and Korean (not meant to to disparage either nationality) so that the 'westerner' is not as common and this seems to be reflected in the abuse of the Tex-Mex, steakhouse, rib-house, BBQ tradition. Certainly the idea that this is an Australian eatery is cause for amusement by a number of those from down-under.
The last grumpy note is the so-called frequents diner card.
Used to be that every time you spent 150,000, you got a stamp on a card and when you got 10 stamps you got a 250,000 dong discount on your next meal. Today, the card has 12 stamps and each stamp requires a 200,000 dong purchase (I guess I shouldn't complain, if the prices go up any further you could probably get a stamp for ordering a draft beer).
Finally, there is one bright spot and that is the staff at the Hoang Ngan location where I am a regular. They are really great people, know me by name, always super with the service and I get regular treats like a complementary drink or dessert as good-will. Management and staff there are super quick to resolve any problem or concern.
Obviously the people at Nha Tho could learn a thing or two from their colleagues.
So, just one star for the Nha Tho location even though the menu prices are not their fault. But service and food bordering on the pathetic doesn't get my vote.

Newman (elite user)
Newman on Al Fresco's (Nha Tho)
March 24th, 2011 at 9:01 am

Al Fresco's is a 'known quantity' kind of place. Decent food, predictable, good service with a casual atmosphere.

This Old Quarter location is little different to the others. Busy, noisy and churning out mountains of food designed to clog the arteries just by looking at it. Seriously - those mountains of ribs? Frightening to look at...

On a cold evening, with a bunch of international colleagues, it can be a good choice to catch up and chew the fat - literally! This time around I had the steak burger. Which, surprisingly, was fairly good. A decent piece of steak, cooked to my preference (dead - very, very dead in this case), with a small coleslaw and some french fries. Nothing offensive about it at all.

But (there had to be one, right?) the prices here are crippling for the food provided. VND185,000 for my burger? That makes it probably the most expensive burger in town - and by no means the best. Overall cost - pretty high really. Not a regular choice, particularly when there are places within a stone's throw that will provide better food at equivalent prices.

Two stars from me - mainly because Al Fresco's doesn't deliver what it claims it will. From the website "The Al Fresco's Group success lies in our philosophy to offer unpretentious high quality food, a 360 °C variety in cuisines and value for money complimented with friendly service, a comfortable and casual environment plus laidback Australian mentality."

Yes, the food is unpretentious. No it is not high quality. Yes there is variety in cuisines. No there is not value for money. Yes there is friendly service in a comfortable and casual environment. No - there is little Australian about it whatsoever...

hoailazy90 on Al Fresco's (Nha Tho)
July 6th, 2011 at 9:07 am

I was not going to give any star for this one but it forced me to, so one star for location, cheer!
+1st: the price isnot fair at all for food'quality, what? pizza? yeah with that price u should go to Luna for 5 times better, or mexican stuffs go to Ariiba, cheaper and nicer...
+2nd: unprofessional staffs
+3rd: the manager(or owner) i'm not sure, last time i came with my some English friends, it was their 1st time to this place, he gave to them a discount to Jaspas,everybody wondered where Jaspas is, i said "i know, discount to Jaspas really?"
well he said" i dont know you, so i dont give it to u" @-@ sorry sir, i was quite upset, tried to calm down, i didnt need ur discount that much 10% is nearly nothing, but next time tried to be nicer, dont let me think your raciest(coz i was the only Asian there?)...ofcourse after this i will never come back here again.
PS: im ready to get any reports ;)

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