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The Haggard Hanoian
The Haggard Hanoian on Joma Bakery Cafe - Lieu Giai
May 29th, 2014 at 3:06 am

To my jubilant glee, Joma has been expanding rapidly recently. This newest addition to the family seems to have been strategically placed to accommodate the large sum of embassies in the area. Though a bit cramped in comparison to their more spacious To Ngoc Van location, Joma Lieu Giai succeeds in bringing exactly what I love about their restaurant to my neighborhood- atmosphere. Joma continues to be a great place to relax, study, and get work done with the best cup of coffee in town. With three stories of seating (*edit* four stories plus a sky balcony), plenty of those plush chairs we all love, and a balcony to boot, you'll always be able to find a seat and reliably get your stuff done.

The food is every bit as good as the other locations. The bathrooms are cleaner, though not air conditioned like at To Ngoc Van. The parking is fine. The menu is the same.

Previously I left a comment about a problem with smokers in the restaurant. The management quickly corrected the staff and now this is no longer a problem. Their prompt and decisive action shows their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Speaking of the management, the manager is the woman responsible for the To Ngoc Van location. Since these two locations are my favorite, I'll have to tip my hat to this genius lady. The co-manager Duong was also brought over from To Ngoc Van and is responsible for the friendly, welcoming atmosphere. She really makes you feel at home! In comparison to the one next to Puku, this Joma is far more personal, yet maintains the academic cafe environment scholars and gentlemen like myself value so greatly. Both girls really do their jobs well and I hope they continue to manage for Joma.