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Th3Way on Washington Language Center
July 26th, 2016 at 4:45 am

I have worked with Washington Language Center on and off for a few years now. In fact WLC was the first school I worked for when I came to Vietnam. Initially, I had problems with communication and adjusting my teaching style for students in Vietnam. I then went and worked for an International School (not going to name names), followed by working with various other language centers and had the same problems.
I returned WLC after a couple of years and found that they had matured quite a bit and I also discovered that I was holding onto my western mentality when it came to work culture. Eventually I embraced the culture and realized that all schools here share the same flaw.
Communication (language Barrier)
Miscommunication is going to happen and you have to be patient and proactive about it.
WLC isn't a perfect school but they are a reliable one.
++Never any troubles or problems with pay (I always received my full pay and bonuses earned in a timely fashion)
+Fairly reliable schedules (monthly changes possible and was always given ample warning)
+Resources (I had a curriculum and digital library to work from for lessons)
=Supportive (This one I had to be proactive about, but when ever I asked for assistance with improving my teaching they were willing to schedule training and observations with other successful teachers working for them. If I had kept my head down and ignored my feedback from students, I wouldn't have made it. They are not a small language center that hovers over you constantly. Meaning this is a neutral trait, bad if you're not actively improving and good if you're okay asking for help)
-Miscommunication (Nothing that being patient and proactive about didn't fix.)
Overall WLC has been one of my more reliable places to work for in the past few years. They have some problem areas, but they always seem to be striving to improve.

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