Vi-Curious Vi-Curious posted January 18th, 2012 at 6:42 am to Visas. Viewed 531 times. Answered 30 times.

VOA or DOA? I'm preparing to come to Hanoi in the Spring. I have seen agencies advertising Visas On Arrival. They seem legit enough, though the Vietnamese embassy website states that "There are no Visa's on Arrival". What's the story? Should I obtain one through and agency or deal with the embassy? Thank you.

ElemenoPea ElemenoPea posted December 29th, 2011 at 9:48 pm to Visas. Viewed 409 times. Answered 27 times.

A thread for those of us without work permits.. I had one but quit the job just before all these rumors starting flying about. So things are changing after Jan 31st 2012 apparently.. Can everyone put what they know in this thread? Big changes really affect people thinking about coming to Hanoi as well as the people already here. Two of my friends getting 3 month extensions recently had both cut short and end on the 31st Jan. People have been saying there won't be any more extensions after that date. So visa runs every three months? The British and American embassies are going to make it really difficult to get things notarized.. So then work permits are going to be harder to get? Someone said schools will be checked more often to make sure the teachers have work permits. I gue...

stewy88 stewy88 posted January 14th, 2012 at 11:02 pm to Visas. Viewed 989 times. Answered 21 times.

Hello everyone! As you gathered from the title, we are hoping to relocate to Vietnam or somewhere pretty soon. Of course, asking whether we can live there or not is a broad question and I’ll give you a little bit of background with regards to our current situation. Thank you in advance! Our Story - I am 23 and British; my wife is 21 and South Korean. - We met when I was teaching English in Korea, via the Couch Surfing website to be exact! - Times were tough and for personal reasons I don’t really want to delve into, we decided to up and leave together. - My wife’s family have never really supported her through her entire life and true to form have chosen to disown her. - We left for Malaysia and together, managed to hitchhike from Kula Lumpur to Bangkok. - We soon tired and ...

GusRoe222 GusRoe222 posted January 6th, 2012 at 11:16 am to Visas. Viewed 349 times. Answered 11 times.

Anybody know the process for getting temporary residence card? For example If I open a (legit) business here, does that mean I am applicable? Thanks


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