Long-Term Storage

I'm looking for a place I can store some of my belongings while I go away on an extended trip. Any suggestions for long-term storage facilities in the city? Thanks.

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Business Card Storage Index Box

This may sound like a silly question but I cannot find a small box for storing and indexing all the business cards I am accumulating. Anyone know a goodoffice supplies place around Tay Ho?

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I may need to store some stuff for a month or so in between houses. Any suggestions or recommendations?

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storage bags

Yes, i know they are every where but where did i see those striped red, white and blue plastic woven storage bags with the zip and handles? They open up into a rectangular cube shape. They come in different sizes.

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Plastic storage containers

Anybody know where I could find some large-ish plastic storage bins in Hanoi? I'd like to have a few at home for putting away summer clothes during the winter, for example, and for storing a few other things that are rarely used but we still need to keep around. They're much better than cardboard boxes, or stacking things inside a wardrobe. The ideal storage bin would be fairly long and wide, though short enough that it could slide under a bed, nice and out of the way. Though something like this would be just fine too, as they could be stacked in a corner out of the way: http://www.enasco.com/prod/images/products/3E/AC037619l.jpg I've looked in a few supermarkets and nothing caught my eye. I don't often go into the biggest places, like Big C or Metro (and I'd rather not go there unless I'm certain that I'm going to find what I'm looking for when I get there!) Any tips on where I might find some storage bins would be much appreciated.

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Mothballs/Silica gel

Hi there, Does anyone know where I could find mothballs or sachets of silica gel to keep clothing etc dry in storage? Cheers!

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Pho Hue Motorbike storage

Just rented a motor scooter and need to find a place to keep it at night. I'm staying at a hotel on Pho Hue two blocks south of Hang Bai. Are there any places near here with late night access?

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Luggage storage

Hi, I'm heading back up to Hanoi in the next couple of days. I'm thinking of buying a bike and heading up to Sapa. I was just wondering if anybody knows of anywhere I can keep some of my luggage, that's safe and secure ?? Thank you. Paul

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storage facilities in Hanoi?

Hi, We have to move into a smaller apartment. A 1 bedroom apartment is fine but may not have enough space for our earthly belongings, materials and some equipment. This is after I have sold off surplus shelves etc. already. Is there a place in Hanoi where it is possible to safely store some boxes?

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where to buy a wooden cart? or storage trailer for a motorbike?

I would like to buy a large cart, the same as people use to move building materials around, which I can attach to my bike to serve the function of transporting things around the city. I have seen them attached before, obviously the wheels need to be half decent. Where can I buy one?

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looking for storage space

I am going UK for at least three months and would like to leave some gear in store. if anyone knows of commercial or private possibility i would be grateful. nothing too valuable but it would cost me a lot to set up pots and pans/wardrobe/guitar/bike etc when i return. search showed no results thanks

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Short-term, small scale storage facility!

Hi all, We need advice regarding storage around town. We're planning a 4-5 week trip from Hanoi to HCMC before leaving town mid-July. We'll have about 2 large suitcases worth of clothes, books etc that we don't want on the back of our Honda Bonuses, but will need to pick up on our return and take with us to our next destination (wherever that is!). We don't want to rent a room for two months just to store two suitcases and maybe sleep for a couple of nights, but also feel it's a bit of a cheek to check in to a hotel for a night, leave two big bags for over a month, then just spend a night or two there before heading off. We'd really like advice about wether a 'left luuggage' type facility is available - train station, airport, elsewhere? Or any other suggestions that don't involve dumping or lugging the possessions in question! Cheers, Jandi

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Long term motorbike storage in Hanoi

I'm motorbiking around Vietnam, so I don't have an apartment to store my motorbike. I may have to leave the country for a month, then return to resume my trip. I'm wondering if it would be possible to pay to have my motorbike stored somewhere. Would a guesthouse do this for me?

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Where can I buy glass jars in Hanoi?

I've been looking for glass jam type jars in all the usual places, but can't find any. Please help, I need them asap for Christmas jam and chutney bottling! Cheers

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Could I store a helmet in a Honda future Neo X?

Could I store a helmet in a Honda future Neo X - a full face one or a a small type or none. I'm talking about a 3 or 4 years old version.

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Cat Stuff - Litter Boxes?

Is it possible to find a decent litter box anywhere in Hanoi? The only ones we've seen are these tiny, shallow little rectangles. I'd really like to find something bigger, ideally w/a cover.

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Canoe / kayak at West Lake

Does someone know how to do "canoe" at West lake? I've seen many people doing canoe at West Lake and I would like to do it also, this is one of my good intentions for 2010, but I don't know how to do it, if there is any "canoe club", if I have to buy the canoe...etc..Thanks for any help! Maigua

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Computer set up on 3 floors

Hi I hav ebeen trying to get a clear answer on the following: If I wish to have people in different offices and on different floors using a computer do I need to buy individual system units or can I have a main system unit and just run cabling and have a screen,keyboard and mouse on each desk?? Any advantage/disadvantage of doing this if it is possible??? Thanks

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Wedding gown rental

Hi there! Need help anyone has an idea of how much a wedding gown rental cost? Thanks

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Posting/mailing items to Vietnam

I am currently living in South Korea and planning to move to Hanoi in April. I will be travelling in between and wanted to post my stuff over (including my netbook and clothes). I have read that customs is pretty strict in Vietnam and was wondering if there is anyway around this. I was just planning to post it from the korean post office which is generally cheap and efficent but now i'm having second thoughts. Also do you think it is safe to post to a pre-booked hotel or are there any storage companies? I couldn't find much when i googled it. If anyone has any suggestions i would be very grateful! Thanks in advance. (Sorry if this has already been posted but i could only find threads about household items)

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Any small warehouse in Hanoi?

Hi all! Please tell me if there is any small warehouse or some space within a bigger one available (50 m2 or something comparable) in Hanoi? The goods to be stored are information kiosks/payment terminals, each takes about 1 m2.

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where to find secondhand clothes

Where can I find secondhand clothes in Hanoi? I'm curious about Vietnamese castoffs. I'm looking for men and women's clothes, the older the better.

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Manual Vacuum Pump for Freezer Bags

Does anyone know where in Hanoi I can order or buy a manual vacuum/suction pump for removing air from freezer bags? Things something like this.

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Cheap Bamboo Furniture

Hi I want to buy good quality but cheap furniture like rattan, bamboo, ikea products. Can anyone give me some addresses? I'm new here so any help will be most appreciated. Thanks.

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Tea container/canister

Does someone know where I can buy tea containers or tea canisters in Hanoi?

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kayak (or similar boat)

Does anyone know where I can buy a one-person kayak?

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Buying scales?

Where can I buy a set of scales to weigh myself? I've seen little kitchen scales, but not people-sized ones. Thanks.

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suit hangers

Where can I find suit hangers. Not the plastic or wire thin ones but nice a wide.

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Round Wood Butcher Block

I'd like to buy a big (about 40-50cm diameter) and heavy round tree cut style chopping block, the kind used by market butchers and fishmongers. I've never seen them for sale. Where can I find this item? Cheers

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