If you are in any way using, viewing, browsing, or generally referring to this site, you have explicitly agreed to the following Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy, and anything that is passed on to users in the form of rules or guidelines on this and all Xemzi, Ltd sites or subsites. They are collectively known as the "Terms of Service" and are subject to change at any time. Notification of such change may be limited to their being made publicly available on this site. Any user who continues to have an open account after any future modification of these terms thereby asserts their acceptance of the modified Terms of Service and agrees that all posts made before or after such modification are subject to those terms. If you in any way do not accept these terms of service or do not consider yourself bound by them, do not use this or any Xemzi, Ltd website.

Definition of Terms

Xemzi, Ltd.: Shall refer to the entity Xemzi, Ltd, and any and all entities owned wholly or partially by Xemzi, Ltd. This includes all websites ending with "xemzi.com" no matter how they may be named, branded or known locally.

Services: The tools, features, and overall functionality provided to you while using this website or any Xemzi, Ltd website.

Users: Anyone who uses, views, browses, scrapes, or generally refers to this or any Xemzi, Ltd site. This includes, but is not limited to those who contribute to the site.

Content: Any information or organization of information that appears on this or any other Xemzi, Ltd site.

User Content: Any content appearing on the site including reviews, comments, questions, answers, ads, information, or photos that is added by a "User" of the site.

Xemzi, Ltd Content: Any content appearing on the site that has been added by official representatives of Xemzi, Ltd.


You must be 18 years of age to use this site. It must be legal in the country in which you access this site to do so. By agreeing to the terms of use, you have asserted that you are at least 18 years of age and have the full legal capacity to enter into these Terms of Service conditions.

If you in any way use the site to represent a business, organization, or public/private entity of any sort, you assert that you have full legal qualification to make such representation on behalf of said business, organization, or public/private entity.

User Account Polices

To use some features of this site (and any Xemzi, Ltd site) you may be required to register for a user account that includes some personal information. When doing so, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to keep all passwords for, and information from this account confidential. Xemzi, Ltd or any of its licensed representatives are in no way responsible for any damages that you may incur due to the use of your account by you or anyone who may come to use it. You acknowledge that you will regularly maintain and monitor your account as you would any private account under your supervision. If at anytime you discover that your account is being used by anyone other than yourself, you agree to immediately contact Xemzi, Ltd. Registering for an account on this or any other Xezmi, Ltd site does not guarantee your access to said account or to the content that you post with it. Xemzi, Ltd reserves the right to terminate your account at any time with or without reason and discontinue access to the information posted with it or leave it publicly visible without your continuing? ability to modify or add to it.

User account holders will have the ability to post information, voice opinions, and interact with users in a variety of ways that include but may not be limited to:

  1. entering businesses, organizations, places of note, or individuals offering commercial services into the site database,
  2. posting reviews of businesses, organizations, places of note, or individuals offering commercial services listed in the site database,
  3. asking and answering questions on the "Ask ANH" question and answer forum pages,
  4. rating user reviews and answers,
  5. creating or joining "groups",
  6. posting "grouplogs" to group pages,
  7. posting events through various groups,
  8. posting classified ads,
  9. posting job ads,
  10. posting housing ads,
  11. making "lists", or
  12. messaging other users through the site's private messaging system.

When viewing the site, registered and non-registered users alike understand and agree to accept that information posted to this or any other Xemzi, Ltd site consists of third party content. Accordingly, Xemzi, Ltd and its licensed representatives bear no responsibility for inaccuracies or fraudulent content that may be present. Xemzi, Ltd in no way endorses any of the opinions expressed by users of the site even if Xemzi, Ltd representatives appear to implicitly or explicitly be doing so in the course of their efforts to help site users better understand the functioning of the site. Such comments or opinions would, at most, represent the singular opinions of those individuals, independent of their roles as Xemzi, Ltd representatives, and the user of the site agrees that Xemzi, Ltd is in no way liable for the content of their posts.

Restrictions on Account Use

  1. Users agree to never use the site to make threats to other users, attempt to defraud other users, impersonate other individuals, businesses, or organizations, harass or publicly support the harassment of other individuals, stalk other users, or generally engage in behavior that prevents the reasonable use of the site by other site users registered or otherwise.
  2. Users agree to not engage in commercial activity that is not explicitly allowed by this or any other Xemzi, Ltd site.
  3. Users agree to not engage in any posting or messaging in the form of spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or "junk" mail of any sort.
  4. Users agree to post only content relevant to the region that any given site they are posting to covers. Any posts made about activities, businesses, or offers outside the given site's range of coverage is to be considered spam.
  5. Users agree to never post culturally, racially, ethnically, religiously, politically, or in anyway socially insensitive or inappropriate content. Users agree to respect the laws and social conventions of the area on which the site focuses and of the area in which the user accesses the site. User's also agree to avoid posting any content of a sexually explicit nature.
  6. Users agree to in no way violate the intellectual property rights of any individual, business, or organization.
  7. Users agree to not attempt to acquire confidential information concerning other users including, but not limited to: 1) account passwords, 2) identity (when the user has chosen to remain anonymous), 3) residence, 4) or contact information not publicly posted by said users on the site.
  8. Users agree to not violate any expressed site policies, the Terms of Service, or any national or international laws through their site use. Users also agree to not use the site in the aid of any such activities. User posting policies and recommendations can be found in the User FAQ.
  9. Users agree to not attempt to gain any unauthorized access to the site through any form of hacking or to use the site to distribute any form of malware.
  10. Users agree to not use any form of automated data collection to collect information on businesses, organizations, or individuals and their posted content for any use not explicitly authorized by Xemzi, Ltd.
  11. Users agree to never intentionally post inaccurate or misleading information about businesses, organizations, or individuals.
  12. Users agree to never publicly divulge the contents of private messaging they receive through the site unless they feel it is itself in violation of Xemzi, Ltd policies. In any case that a user feels that a given private message violates site policies, such violation is to be reported directly to site administrators.
  13. Users agree to never use multiple accounts to gain any unfair advantage over other site users who restrict themselves to a single account. Examples of using multiple accounts to gain unfair advantage include, but are not limited to: posting duplicate classifieds ads, reviewing spots multiple times, pretending to be multiple individuals to boost or undermine credibility of a site user or opinion, indicating interest in commercial entities for additional exposure, or circumventing posting restrictions.
  14. Users agree that Xemzi, Ltd is the lone arbiter of whether or not a given user has violated any of the above restrictions and that Xemzi, Ltd has the sole right to determine the nature and extent of the action taken against a user found in violation of these restrictions or any part of the Terms of Service.

Content Liability

All posts made to Xemzi, Ltd site are the property of the user who has posted it. Said user agrees to bear all liability with regards to the content they post. Any user of this site explicitly understands and accepts that Xemzi Ltd, its subsites, and its licensed representatives are in no way liable for damages that may incur due to posts made to this site. As a voluntary user of this site, you assume all risks that come with the use of the site. You also assert your unqualified legal capacity to lawfully post content that abides by both Xemzi, Ltd policies and any applicable International and Local laws. Any violation of civil or criminal law on your part in the course of your use of this or any Xemzi, Ltd site will in no way implicate or associate Xemzi, Ltd or its licensed representatives. You also assert your unqualified legal capacity to allow Xemzi, Ltd to use your posted content as Xemzi, Ltd sees fit.

Content Usage

Xemzi, Ltd and its licensed representatives in no way guarantee that your content, though entered in accordance with the listed Terms of Use, will be used or made public on the site. Xemzi, Ltd may publish, delete, hide, or repost any of your entered content with or without notice, and with or without reason. Xemzi, Ltd and its licensed representatives have no implied or explicit obligation to store your content or provide you with any ongoing access to it.


You, as a user of this or any Xemzi, Ltd site hereby give Xemzi, Ltd and its licensed representatives a fully cost-free, royalty-free, unending, irreversible license to use, modify, and distribute your content in any form of media, anywhere in the world. This non-exclusive license can be sub-licensed or transferred at the discretion of Xemzi, Ltd. This license you hereby give Xemzi, Ltd in no way mitigates or alters your liability for your content. You agree that Xemzi, Ltd is in no way responsible for contacting you concerning the use of your content, nor is it responsible for any damages that may come from its licensed use.

Such licensed use may include, but is not limited to:

  1. print publication
  2. radio broadcast
  3. television broadcast
  4. internet-based publication
  5. advertising materials

Any other form of media or distribution channel that Xemzi, Ltd subsequent decides to use your content for is likewise covered by the license you have given Xemzi, Ltd.


Xemzi, Ltd and its licensed representatives may make use of content feeds (i.e. RSS - "Real Simple Syndication")for various parts of this or other Xemzi, Ltd sites. These feeds can be displayed by you on a personal website, blog, or personal computer provided that it is only for non-commercial purposes, all feeds link back to the relevant Xemzi, Ltd page, and your use of these feeds do not place too high a workload on the system of Xemzi, Ltd. Furthermore, these feeds may not be redistributed or used to imply that Xemzi, Ltd or any of its licensed representatives support or endorse any outside products, ideas, or entities in general.

Third Party Websites

Links to websites other than those of Xemzi, Ltd a (here forth referred to as: Third Party Websites) may be included on this and other Xemzi, Ltd subsites. Xemzi in no way supports, endorses, or insures the authenticity or appropriateness the of content on those site. Xemzi is in no way accountable or liable for content on said Third Party Sites.

Website and Services Availability

The availability of Xemzi, Ltd sites (including any of its subsites) and any of its services are in no way guaranteed with the registration of an account or without doing so. Xemzi, Ltd reserves the right to terminate, suspend, or alter any of its services with or without reason and with or without notice. Any changes are at the sole discretion of Xemzi.

Legal Investigations and User Content

Xemzi, Ltd reserves the right to turn over the relevant authorities any user contributed content or use statistics of any user or aggregate of users if Xemzi, Ltd has reason to believe that any such use has participated in or contributed to the commission of a crime, unless such disclosure is directly prohibited by law. However, simply because Xemzi, Ltd reserves the right to do so, it in no way obligates Xemzi, Ltd to turn over any information on user activities on any Xemzi, Ltd site or subsite. Xemzi, Ltd will be the lone arbiter on determining what constitutes reason to believe that the site has been used in a criminal act. Xemzi, Ltd. also reserves the right to determine the nature and extent of user information to disclose.


Although you may find any number of languages used on this and other Xemzi, Ltd subsites, it is first and foremost an English language website. Any languages or translations you may find here (including navigation and other aspects of the Xemzi, Ltd interface) are only SUGGESTED translations are not meant to in any way supercede or replace the English language version that is present. Xemzi, Ltd is in no way responsible for damages that may arise over mistranslation or misunderstanding due to the multilingual content found here and on other Xemzi, Ltd websites.